Pray with us

We cannot do it without your prayers. Your prayers can play an important part in helping fulfill Great Commission.

Share in your community

You can share Jesus Christ in your community. People immigrate to U.S. from all over the world. If you couple this with growing number of people who do not have an idea of the gospel story, you have a great mission field right in your community. Impact the world and unreached in your community with the Goodnews. You don’t have to go anywhere in the world.

Distribute Gospel packs on your own in your community or with a group of like-minded friends.

Partner with us

It is a massive and ambitious undertaking; we cannot do it alone. Do you feel called to help us in this undertaking to reach the unreached in your own community/city? There are several ways you can serve with us. Discover the opportunities and how you can reach the lost and hurting world that desperately needs to hear the Gospel.

Sample Gospel bags

We will assist you by sending few sample gospel bags so, you can customize for the needs of your community