Physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals can volunteer their services to the visitors in these events and share the love of Jesus in a creative way.

Trade Shows/Cultural Events

Imagine being able to reach thousands of people with a complete gospel message on a single day in these public events.


Thousands of people visit these exhibitions for several months at a stretch and provides tremendous opportunity to distribute Goodnews to visitors.


Malls give people an option of over couple of thousands of retail stores to shop from. These malls attract thousands of people. It is just a one-stop place.


During Christmas season opportunities abound to deliver/share Goodnews of Christmas in your neighborhood. Prepare Christmas packs with a gift and place them at the door of each home. For ideas check tools page.

Halloween as an opportunity to share

There are ways to be missional during Halloween. Keep your lights on to invite kids to your home. Place Halloween tracts and candies/gifts in clear ziploc bags. For Halloween tract ideas check tools page.

National holidays and all year round

You can reach people in your communities during national holidays and other days all year round. You can prepare gospel gift packs and place them at the door of each home in your community. For ideas check tools page.