Great Need

Foreign born residents and their domestically born children represent a considerable mission field for the spread of the Goodnews. There is a much urgent need than ever before for followers of Christ in North America to make room in their lives to build relationships with these dear ones and share the sold-out love of Jesus. If we will commit to live for what is eternal, these people can be reached with the Gospel. This is your opportunity to reach the world right in your community.

We sow the seed, someone will reap the harvest and God will bless it

We Equip You

We will equip you with tools and creative ideas to take the Goodnews to every home/person in your community/city.


We can assist you with creative ideas, out of the box strategies, and tools.


In our busy lives, it is easy to be so preoccupied with our own dreams and pursuits that we lose our eternal perspective. Both the joys of heaven and the crying needs of a lost world can seem unreal and far away.

We pray that we will continue to be a bridge, giving you the opportunity to walk away from your own preoccupations to the harvest fields of your great cities/communities and see the perishing people through the eyes of Jesus.


We are here to assist you take the Goodnews to public events. Our mission is to Partner with you. The world is waiting to hear the Goodnews, will you take it? Where do you want to go?